The Significance of Security Shutters in Every Business

By : John Schofield

Security shutters are often seen in many businesses and commercial establishments. They are usually built to serve as protection against burglaries, intrusion and destruction of properties. They are built using heavy duty metal and while in general they are designed to roll down over doors and windows, the smaller types are installed as actual shutters for windows. The significance of security shutters is very popular especially on places where crime rates are high so commercial business in urban areas as mostly vulnerable to such crimes.

Since they are very effective in deterring intrusion and burglaries, security shutters are also popular among homes where security is often at stake. Especially on homes where businesses are held, these are very essentials to protect the residents and the properties that are used on the business. In some models, shutters are virtually impenetrable especially when giant metal barriers are used. However, these models are somewhat heavy so if a heavily built roll over shutter is used, ideally men are the only capable in lifting and pulling it.

So how can security shutters effectively protect your business? Just see how they work and you can understand why. However, for those who are reading this article and have not seen up close how this equipment works, let us give you a quick overview so that everything about it will be clear to you. Security shutters as we have said come in two types and these are the roll down type and the window type. Both types can cover completely the exits and entrance of our offices and homes so their locking system can be of a padlock or key locks. Since the roll down type is the heavy built type and the window type can be the fixed or swing type, both doors and windows are protected from intrusion once the shutters and their locks are in place.

A metal bolt cutter cannot simply cut the stem of the padlocks because in some types of window shutters the padlocks are on the inside of the establishment while the roll down shutters that are used for doors use locks that are made of high grade steel and cannot be cut by a bolt cutter alone. Roll down shutters can provide more security if it also utilizes locks with keys. Some businesses and homes prefer the security shutters that are mounted as roll downs because these shutters are almost invisible during the day while when pulled down during closing hours can securely cover all the parts of the doors and windows. So far, the roll downs are the best protection for businesses and there would be more protection if the businesses have CCTV cameras installed above the shutters.

It can be a little frustrating seeing commercial centres being protected by security shutters like tanks guarding the doors and windows but understand that this is a good security measure. Criminals are now smarter and bolder and cameras and alarm systems cannot deter them once they decide to invade the place. In this regard, it is only proper to install security shutters to deter such individuals from destroying lives and properties.