The Basics of a Daycare Grant

By : Loren Yadeski

A daycare grant is a form of financial assistance given by the United States government to child daycare centers. The US government grants this free money to such centers because they allow parents to be productive and continue to contribute to the positive growth of the country’s economy. To show its support to all people, the government has other types of grants for other purposes as well, like scientific research, education and opening of new businesses. If you are interested in opening your own daycare center and lack the necessary funds for this purpose, you can apply for a daycare grant. The good thing about grants is that you don’t need to repay the money back as long as you spend the profits on building up you daycare center. But don’t be too happy just yet because it is not easy to get one. You may have to go through the needle’s eye in order to be considered eligible for a daycare grant. There’s a lot of red tape you have to cut through and there may be thousands of other applicants for the same grant that you are after.

To find the right grant that you need, you have to conduct a research which you can conveniently do online. You have to look for local, state, federal and even private institutions that provide grants. You can start with the local child care organizations, business funds, and charity or community service organizations such as the Rotary Club, Lions, Kiwanis and even college sororities and fraternities. They would have information about current grants that are available for daycare centers. You can also ask your local county government if they have special funding a available for child care.

You may also look beyond monetary grants as this point as these institutions may be able to give “in-kind” contributions instead such as new or used equipment, materials, good or volunteer services that can help you launch your daycare center.

Once you find the possible sources of federal and state grants for your daycare center, you have to make sure that you are eligible and you fit their requirements. For example, some grants are given only to daycare centers in a particular geographical location or are limited in the amount of money they can give. Do not waste anyone’s time and make sure you apply only for grants where you are qualified. After determining your eligibility, you can now request for an application package from the institution. If is important that you examine the application form very thoroughly. You have to give essential information such as your personal background, the amount you need and for what particular purpose you are going to spend the money. All your answers must be organized and specific so that your application will stand out among the many applications that they receive.

There appears to be no law against applying for several grants at a time so you can apply for various grants at the same time. This will increase your chances of getting at least one daycare grant in the long run.