Camping in Italy on a Budget

By : Susan Hornby

Family camping trips are becoming increasingly more popular with many people looking to go on a budget holiday this year. Because more and more people are concerned about money these days’ people are being much more cautious about holiday choices. People often think that holidays abroad are more expensive than domestic ones; however this is often not the case. This is because of cheap accommodation and living costs.

For people looking to holiday on a budget then camping could be the perfect solution. It is one of the cheapest and most enjoyable forms of holiday accommodation. It is also extremely flexible and perfect for those family get a ways.

If you do decide camping is for you then there are a number of things you could do to keep your costs down. These are mainly common sense but could dramatically reduce your costs.

Dining In or Out

Italian food can be enjoyed with a minimum of fuss. Grocery stores throughout Italy are well stocked and are home to some of the region’s best foods. Prices are usually low but you could also consider going to farmers markets. These offer some really great raw ingredients and cheaper than the high street. Buying and cooking food yourself can save a considerable amount but there are also great budget restaurants. These are throughout Italy and there is always a local gem to be found.

Location and Access

Public transport is a must. Italy has a superb transport network from high performance trains to clean and efficient buses. These run regularly and provide a cheap option for getting around your chosen region. If you plan in advance you can qualify for discounts and it is often advisable to get weekly tickets. Just make sure you don’t lose them.

Tourist Attractions

Before leaving keep an eye out for discounts. The web is full of discounts and more often than not you will be able to find yourself a deal. There are numerous specialists’ websites for this. Booking in advance can not only save you money but also help you budget. It gives you an idea on what you will roughly spend on your entire holiday. When doing this be careful to check the terms and conditions. Some travellers have been caught out by this.

There are many ways to save money while on holiday and you should do your best to take advantage of these. The main point is to plan and of course stick to your budget. Although you don’t want to leave yourself short for months after your holiday it is sometimes worth spending that little bit extra. You don’t often get chance to get a way and treat yourself.

Camping also exists in many forms. For example this covers mobile homes and your traditional camping. Both are excellent options and will provide a certain edge to your holiday. You can book these types of holiday both on and offline and options are plentiful. Now all is left to do is choose a destination and book your trip.